Babe and Emily: Pig and Girl in the City is a 1998 Live Action-Animated Family Musical Comedy sequel to the 1995 film Babe and Emily. It occurs in the City of New York in America. Thanks to lighter, cleaner, softer, magical and musical themes including a magnificent musical number with Ludwig Hoggett and Arthur Hoggett dancing the traditional dances from around the world as well paying homages to Broadway and Film Musicals, the film is reviewed as well as the first film. It has positive reviews just like the first movie.

Script for Theatrical Trailer

Narrator: This is the Farm in the Countryside of Yorkshire, England. Peaceful, Calm, Civilized, Populated and Nice. But now, the only chance to save the Farm.

Esme Hoggett: Pig, Pig, Pig, Pig.

Madeline Hoggett: Emily, Emily Hoggett.

Narrator: Is for One little Pig.

Ferdinand the Duck: He can't leave, you're my lucky Pig.

Narrator: And for One little Girl.

Emily Hoggett: We are going to New York City in America.

(Mice Laughing.)

Narrator: To go to the City of New York.

Ludwig Hoggett: New York City here we come.

(Titanic Whistle blows.)

Ferdinand the Duck: You can't leave. (Quack) You can't leave.

(Song: Somewhere over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg.)

Babe: Anybody home?

Emily Hoggett: Hello?

(Animals growling)

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