Narrator: Babs is a lively little rabbit.

Narrator: She's very fast.

Narrator: She also likes to be very busy.

Narrator: Any job is a good job for Babs.

Narrator: 1 day, Babs and Fifi were at Acme station.

Narrator: King Acorn had some important news."

King Acorn: "The carnival crane is waiting at Acme docks.

Narrator: Babs was excited.

Narrator: She hoped King Acorn would ask her to pull the carnival special.

King Acorn: "Fifi, you must pull the carnival special."

Narrator: Babs was disappointed.

King Acorn: "Babs, you must be Fifi's back animal."

Narrator: Babs didn't wanna be the back animal.

Narrator: She wanted to pull the carnival special on her own.

Babs: "I have a lot to do today."

Fifi: "After we pull ze carnival special, I have to collect ze milk from Acme Farms."

Narrator: Babs walked devastatingly along.

Narrator: She wished she could pull a special on her own.

Narrator: Then Babs had an idea.

Narrator: If she arrived at the docks before Fifi, she could take the carnival special, then Fifi could walk straight to Acme Farms.

Narrator: That would really help Fifi.

Narrator: So Babs raced off as fast as her muscles would pump.

Narrator: Babs walked alongside the carnival special.

Babs: This is a very long crane.

Narrator: Babs couldn't see that Fifi was already coupled up and waiting for Babs.

Narrator: Babs quickly hooked up to the carnival special.

Babs: "Fifi will be pleased." she thought.

Narrator: Still, Babs didn't know that Fifi was on the other end of the crane.

Narrator: Then there was trouble.

Narrator: Babs walked and panted heavilly.

Narrator: She heaved and hauled.

Narrator: The combinations groaned and strained until 1 of them broke apart.

Babs: "Yahoo, I'm pulling the carnival special."

Narrator: But Babs had left 1/2 of it behind with Fifi.

Narrator: Babs walked proudly along.

Narrator: The children were very excited to see Babs pulling the carnival special.

Narrator: That made Babs cheerful.

Narrator: Then there was trouble.

Narrator: Another combination broke apart.

Narrator: Up ahead, Little Beeper was driving children to the carnival.

Narrator: Babs walked by.

Narrator: Little Beeper began honking his car horn.

Babs: "He's honking at my carnival special."

Narrator: thought Babs.

Narrator: But Little Beeper was honking because the coconut car was rolling towards the level crossing.

Narrator: It smashed against the gate.

Narrator: Coconuts rolled everywhere.

Narrator: The level crossing was blocked.

Narrator: But Babs didn't know.

Narrator: She walked cheerfully on.

Narrator: Then another combination broke apart.

Narrator: Babs passed Vinnie in a siding.

Narrator: Vinnie was waiting to walk on to the main line.

Narrator: The points changed.

Narrator: Vinnie yodeled loudly.

Babs: "He's yodeling at my carnival special."

Narrator: thought Babs proudly.

Babs: "Oh my........"

Narrator: But Vinnie was yodeling because the perfectoid of sugar was now rolling towards him.

Narrator: Vinnie was covered in pink sugar from feet to antlers.

Narrator: But Babs didn't know about it.

Narrator: She walked proudly on.

Narrator: Babs walked up Knuckles' hill.

Narrator: Then another combination broke apart.

Narrator: She heard an animal's yodel.

Babs: "They're yodeling at my carnival special too."

Narrator: Babs thought cheerfully.

Narrator: But it was Fifi with the rest of the carnival perfectoids.

Narrator: Babs' flatbed was now rolling back towards Fifi.

Narrator: It smashed into Fifi.

Narrator: Seats from the big wheel clattered and clanged all over the tracks.

Narrator: Fifi was stuck.

Narrator: Babs walked into Acme Station.

Narrator: Nobody waved or Yodeled

Narrator: King Acorn was cross.

King Acorn: "I told you to be Fifi's back animal."

Babs: "But I brought the carnival special all on my own, Your Royal Highness."

Babs: "I wanted to help Fifi."

King Acorn: "You haven't helped anyone."

King Acorn: "You have caused confusion and delay."

King Acorn: "You've left half the crane."

King Acorn: "Now there'll be no carnival for the children."

Narrator: Babs felt terrible.

Narrator: She had wanted every 1 to be proud of her, and now they were cross.

Babs: "Please, Your Royal Highness."

Babs: "I know just what to do."

Babs: "I'm a very fast animal."

Babs: "I can collect all of the perfectoids."

Babs: "Then I will be Fifi's back animal, and we can deliver the carnival special in time."

Narrator: So Babs walked off as fast as her feet would move.

Narrator: 1st, Babs collected Digeri.

Narrator: Then she pulled him as quickly as she could to Fifi.

Narrator: Fifi's tracks were still blocked.

Babs: "I'm so sorry, Fifi."

Babs: "I only wanted to help you."

Babs: "Digeri will clear the line."

Babs: I'll collect the other perfectoids."

Babs: "Then we can deliver the carnival special together forever."

Fifi: "Merci, Babs."

Narrator: Babs left Digeri, and she raced away to collect the 1st perfectoid.

Narrator: She picked up the coconut perfectoid.

Narrator: Then Babs collected a new perfectoid of sugar, and she raced back to Fifi.

Narrator: Babs had been very fast.

Narrator: Digeri had just loaded the seats back on the flatbed.

Babs: "I'm ready to be your back animal now."

Narrator: And together forever, they set off up Knuckles' hill.

Narrator: Babs and Fifi arrived at Acme Falls.

Narrator: All of the children waved at the 2 animals.

Babs: "We have delivered the carnival special in the nick of time."

Narrator: That evening, Babs and Fifi watched the children at the carnival.

Narraotr: The children were having a wonderful time.

Fifi: "I hope we can work together on another special."

Babs: "The sooner, the better."

Babs: "Working with you is the best of all."

Narrator: Babs couldn't have felt more cheerful.

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