Babs Bunny Gets Grounded For Ultraplex was a GoAnimate! episode.


  • Ivy as Babs Bunny, Pocoyo, Paulina, and Blossom
  • Tween Girl as Buster Bunny, Buttercup, Donkey, Blinky, and Johnny Test
  • Dallas as Plucky Duck
  • Shy Girl as Bubbles, and Amber
  • Kate as Daisy Duck
  • Eric as Gogo Dodo and Mickey Mouse
  • Young Guy as Dizzy Devil
  • Julie as DW Read
  • Kayla as Mary Test
  • Josh as Arthur Read
  • Kenny as Laura The Koala
  • Brian as Furball
  • Julie as Princess Peach
  • Eric as Pleakley, Johnny Bravo, and Marvin Foreman
  • Kidaroo as Thomas
  • Steven as Zommer
  • Belle as Snow Wade
  • Diesel as Aloysious


  • [Babs was inside her house and was on her laptop]
  • Babs: All right! I finally made a death threat against TacoComedian!
  • [Cut to: Dizzy Devil was in her room and was on her laptop]
  • Dizzy Devil: Let me check FaceBook.
  • [Dizzy Devil reads a message saying "TacoComedian was a freakhole who needs to get poisoned to death with a mix of gasoline and toilet water" and then she becomes shocked as the dramatic sound effect plays]
  • Dizzy Devil: OH MY GOD!! BABS MADE A DEATH THREAT AT TACOCOMEDIAN ON FACEBOOK!! I AM SO FED UP WITH HER!! I'M CALLING DONKEY!! (calls Donkey) Hello Donkey. Andy Panda just offended TacoComedian by posting a death threat describing him as a freakhole who needs to get poisoned. We need to ground her. Bye. (hangs up)
  • [Cut to: Back at Babs's house]
  • Babs: That would teach TacoComedian a lesson.
  • Donkey: Hey Babs. I have an important thing to tell you.
  • Babs: What is it?
  • Donkey: I just got a phone call from Dizzy Devil. She told me that you posted a death threat on FaceBook. Was this right?
  • Babs: Yes.
  • Donkey: Babs, we don't post death threats on users. That's it! You're grounded for ultraplex! I am closing your FaceBook account immediately!
  • (Donkey closes Babs Bunny's facebook account)
  • Babs: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
  • Babs: Your account has been finally closed. I am calling Dizzy Devil and her friends to come over here in the living room.
  • [Cut to: The living room]
  • Donkey: Babs, you have lots of nephews.
  • Dizzy Devil: Hi there. I'm Dizzy Devil. I would not like it when you insulted TacoComedian with a death threat.
  • Sophie: I'm Sophie. How a dare you make a death threat at TacoComedian!
  • Buster Bunny: I'm Buster. Get bent for hurting TacoComedian's feelings!
  • Plucky Duck: I'm Plucky. It was completely unnecessary to post some death threats online as it was for bullying.
  • Gogo Dodo: I'm Gogo Dodo. You are the worst otter i ever seen!
  • Furball: I'm Furball. You are very bad. No more making TacoComedian sad.
  • Blossom: I'm Blossom. I wish you were dead for wishing TacoComedian dead you stupid otter.
  • Bubbles: I'm Bubbles. And I hate you for posting a death threat on FaceBook!
  • Buttercup: I'm Buttercup. You're no fun because you wished TacoComedian dead!
  • Blinky: I'm Blinky Bill. I agree with Sophie Im gonna knock you in the teeth
  • Arthur: I'm Arthur Read. I am faster than you and smarter than you as I don't act rude to anybody. So get a grip on you terrible behavior.
  • DW: I'm DW Read. You could not post death threats on FaceBook because it was not nice!
  • Roobear: I'm Roobear. If I ever see you in Lake Hoohaw, I'm gonna kick your stomach goodbye!
  • Laura: I'm Laura. I'm angry at you for that death threat on FaceBook!
  • Johnny: I'm Johnny Test. You stink like poop because you were a bully towards some nephews.
  • Mary: I'm Mary Test. And you should suffer for your naughty stuff.
  • Daisy: I'm Daisy Duck. I can't believe you bullied someone on the internet. Don't do stuff like that.
  • Mickey: I'm Mickey Mouse. I am not supporting you because you are a horrible FaceBook troll!
  • Peach: I'm Princess Peach. You should have used your brain before saying anything on FaceBook.
  • Pleakley: I'm Pleakley. And you are not good.
  • Johnny: I'm Johnny Bravo. If I were Quailman right now, my worst enemy would be you.
  • Marvin: I'm Marvin Foreman. No more fun for you terrible otter.
  • Thomas: I'm Thomas. And you're grounded for ultraplex. I hate you!! You hate me!! I'm would kill you.
  • Zommer: I'm Zommer. And all your Paramount stuff, your Marvel stuff, your 20th Century Fox stuff, and your FaceBook accounts would be zomble.
  • Pocoyo: I'm Pocoyo. And you're not getting some stuff made by Paramount, Marvel, and 20th Century Fox.
  • Paulina: I'm Paulina. I am not going to have fun with you anymore because you are meaner than Walter and his brothers!
  • Amber: I'm Amber. You need to learn some strict lessons.
  • Snow Wade: I'm Snow Wade. And you should be ashamed of yourself for posting a death threat on FaceBook.
  • Aloysious: And i'm Aloysious. And your memories made by Marvel, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount would be taken away.

Amber: That's too bad Babs. They are the only things you would eat and drink for the rest of your life.

Gogo Dodo: And now, you would become a toddler.

Babs: (shrinking) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

[Jelly's voice changes to Ella voice]

Babs: (now speaking in Ella voice) I'm sorry for posting a death threat on FaceBook on TacoComedian!

Blinky: Now i'm gonna put a nappie on you.

Babs: Please no!!

[Blinky puts a nappie on Babs]

Blinky: Now your nappie was on. You would be wearing it for the rest of your life. That means the toilet would be destroyed and your underwear would be ripped and burned.

Furball: You must wear nappies, go to preschool, watch baby shows, and eat baby food.

Buster: You will also have to go to preschool each day, drink from a baby bottle, sleep in a crib every night including weekends, and every time you go outside, you will have to ride in a baby carriage.

Dizzy Devil: And also, we have something for you.

Babs: What is it?

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