Baby's Lesile Patricelli Storybook Classics (VHS)

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Baby's Lesile Patricelli Storybook Classic is a 2004 Fan-Fiction VHS/DVD Featuring Eleven Storybook Classics and four songs.


|Box title = Baby's Lesile Patricelli Storybook Classics |Row 1 title = Storytelle |Row 1 info = Baby Tom |Row 2 title = Director |Row 2 info = McDonald Stuart |Row 3 title = Producers |Row 3 info = Micheal O' Donald
Jerry Mathews
Dave Campbell |Row 4 title = Music Composed by |Row 4 info = McDonald Stuart
Leo Andrews
Bill Junior |Row 5 title = Released |Row 5 info = 2004 |Row 6 title = Distributor |Row 6 info = Nelvana Limited
Rankin Bass}}


  1. Yummy Yucky
  2. Big Little
  3. Quiet Loud
  4. Baby Happy, Baby Sad
  5. No No Yes Yes
  6. The Birthday Boy
  7. Tubby
  8. Binky
  9. Blankie
  10. Potty


  1. The Name Game

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