The Baby Einstein Gang is usually a group of kids that appear in Baby Einstein videos. The most notable gang, however were featured in the first 10 videos of Baby Einstein from 1997-2002. There are many one-timers in the gang, some have been featured in many videos. From 1998-2001, they have been credited by their full names, but starting in 2001, they have only been credited by their first name.

List of Members (1997-2002, incomplete)

Brad Boller (Mid 2000)

Aspen Clark (1997-2000)

Sierra Clark (AKA The Darn Girl) (1997-2002)

Dakota and Dylan Snider (2000)

Chloe and Toby Tyler (1998)

Mia Mettais (Mid 2000-Mid 2001)

Gabrielle "Gaby" Margas (Early-Late 2000)

Maddison and Macrae Long (Early-Late 2000)

Madeline "Maddie" Pluto (Early-Mid 2000)

Brandon Calbart (Mid 2000)

Gabriel Mazon (Mid 2000)


  • Sierra Clark was a longtime member of the group, having appeared more than many members, including her older sister. She was featured in videos for 5 years. Her last appearance was in Baby Beethoven. At the end of the video, she said "Darn, That's The End"
  • Order of the group from oldest to youngest: Aspen (8), Brad (7), Brandon (7), Maddison (7), Chloe (6), Dakota (6), Dylan (6), Toby (6), Gabriel (5), Sierra (5), Mia (3), Madeline (2) and Macrae (1).
  • 9 of the group members (Aspen, Sierra, Chloe, Toby, Gaby, Mia, Brandon, Brad, Macrae and Maddison) are Caucasian. Gabriel, Dakota and Dylan are African American. Madeline is Asian.
  • There have been various fanfictions about the group. They have fantastical elements. Some of them even take place in alternate universes where things are different, the most famous of which being that Madeline's mother never gave birth to her.

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