Game Summary

Hazel's cousin, Ashley really knows how to whistle, but Hazel doesn't, so it's up to you as the player to help her learn how to do it so she can be a successful whistler like Ashley is.

Game Script and Descriptions

Description # 1: It's morning time, and little angel, Hazel is brushing her teeth and getting ready to go to play group with her cousin Ashley and her good friends.

Things you do in alphabetical order

  • Give Hazel her toothbrush
  • Put some toothpaste on Hazel's toothbrush
  • Have Hazel brush her teeth back and forth, up and down
  • Give Hazel some fresh cold water to gargle and spit with
  • Turn the faucet off
  • Have her change into some nice clean clothes

Description # 2: Hazel has made it all the way to play group for show and tell day, and it seems that Ashley has learned how to do something Hazel doesn't really know how to do.

Ashley's Speech Bubble: "I've learned how to do something just then."

Ashley: [Short Whistling Sound]

All of the play group students are quite surprised and amazed.

Play Group Teacher's Speech Bubble: "Oh, that's wonderful, Ashley, you've learned how to whistle in the 1st place."

Play Group Teacher's Speech Bubble: "Now, Jake, it's your turn."

Jake's Speech Bubble: "I bought this toy robot with my allowance money, he's super thrilling."

All Play Group Kids' Speech Bubbles: "Wow!"

Hazel: [Blows Very Hard]

Hazel: [Continues Blowing Very Hard]

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "I think I'll try again when we go play outside."

Game Description # 3: Hazel and her good friends and cousin are playing outside. Hazel discovers that Ashley can really whistle, but she can't.

Hazel: [Blowing Very Hard Constantly]

Ashley: [Whistling London Bridge]

Akito's Speech Bubble: "Look how high I can bounce this basket ball up in mid-air."

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "It's no use, I don't even know how to whistle very often."

Hazel's mother shows up with her pink sports car.

Hazel's mother's Speech Bubble: "What's going on, Hazel?"

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "I don't really know how to whistle the way Ashley does."

Hazel's mother's Speech Bubble: "Well, it took your other cousin, Kayla 6 days to learn how to do it, and she did it successfully."

Description # 4: Hazel is now at the dinner table with Matt and her parents, and she's practicing her new whistling techniques.

Hazel: [Blowing Very Hard]

Hazel's father's Speech Bubble: "Let me guess, Hazel, are you pretending to be a cool breeze?"

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "No, I'm trying very hard to whistle the way Ashley does."

Hazel's father's Speech Bubble: "Whistling can be a bit tricky, Hazel."

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "That means I can practice and practice wherever I go."

Hazel's father's Speech Bubble: "Exactly right, Hazel."

  • Remove Hazel from her dining seat.

Description # 5: Hazel is in the living room while Matt is playing in his play pen.

Hazel: [Still Blowing Very Hard]

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "I'd better try again."

Description # 6: Hazel's getting ready for Ashley coming over, and she's still practicing and practicing

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "I still don't know how to do it very often."

Description # 7: Hazel is still in her bedroom and Ashley is coming over with her Lessons of Whistle Practice book.

Hazel's Father's Speech Bubble: "Is something the matter, Hazel?"

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "I don't wanna play with Ashley right now."

Hazel's Father's Speech Bubble: "Why not?"

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "She can really whistle, and I can't."

Hazel's Father's Speech Bubble: "Well, Hazel, whether you can really whistle or not, Ashley's your cousin."

(A doorbell is heard ringing)

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "Oh, that must be her right now."

  • Send Hazel downstairs to the front door.

Description # 8: Ashley has shown Hazel the pages in her Lessons of Whistle Practice book, and she shows Hazel the basic techniques.

Ashley's Speech Bubble: "Hey, Hazel, are you ready for your new whistling techniques now?"

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "Of course I am, Ashley."

Ashley's Speech Bubble: (reading every single book page) # 1: Form a short little hole in your mouth."

Hazel forms a short little hole in her mouth.

Ashley's Speech Bubble: (reading every single book page) # 2: Pucker those lips and light red cheeks, then blow all of it out.

Hazel puckers her lips and light red cheeks.

Hazel: [Blows Very Hard, Then Whistles Shortly]

Hazel's Speech Bubble: "Hey, I finally did it, I'm getting the hang of it."

Ashley's Speech Bubble: "It's all about practice making perfect."

Hazel: [Whistling Successfully]

End of Game

You won!

Play again? or quit?

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