NintendoMovies' movie-spoof of 1989 Disney film "Oliver and Company".


  • Baby Luigi (Mario) as Oliver
  • Link (Legend of Zelda) as Dodger
  • Bob (Tekken) as Francis
  • Paul Phoenix (Tekken) as Einstein
  • Alex (Tekken) as Tito
  • Zelda (Legend of Zelda) as Rita
  • Flynn Rider (Tangled) as Fagin
  • King Candy (Wreck-It Ralph) as Mr. Sykes
  • Petey Piranha and King Boo (Mario) as Roscoe and Desoto
  • Inez (Cyberchase) as Jenny Floxworth
  • Pacha (The Emperor's New Groove) as Winston
  • Percival McLeach (The Rescuers Down Under) as Old Louie
  • Various Kids as Oliver's Siblings

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