full episode :

Baby Luigi : ( sobbing ) BUAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAA! I WANT TO EAT D.W.!

Baby Mario : Luigi? Tell me what's wrong.

Baby Luigi : I was really hungry, and I wanted to eat D.W., but I can't!!! ( continues bawling )

Baby Mario : There, bro. There, there. And calm down, okay?

Baby Luigi : Okay!

6 minutes later..

( Baby Luigi was stuck in a cold, safe freezer )

Arthur : Hey, dude! Wanna play dodgeball?

Baby Luigi : NO WAY, HO-SAY!!!

Arthur : YES WAY! Okay, players! Let's kill Baby Luigi!

Others : YEEEEAH!!

Referee : ( blows whistle ) CHAAAAAAARGE!!

Francine : We are...THE BAD VICTIMS!!!

Arthur : Sorry, what?!

Baby Luigi : Bad victims!? Who the!?!

Arthur : Forward march!!!

Others : MARCH!!!

Baby Luigi : No-no-no-no...

( big green ball hits Baby Luigi!! )


Arthur : Doh, we missed Baby Luigi.

Francine : I know.

Others : Unbelieveable. Good-bye!


goofs :

Arthur and the others are not Baby Luigi's friends, but enemies.

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