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Baby Mario wants a loaf of tubby toast but Baby Luigi refuses to get it. And the next day, Baby Mario wants a Tinky-Winky doll but Baby Luigi says no. Baby Mario begins to scream and cry, and it's up to Yoshi to solve his problem.


  • Narrator: One day, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi went to a food store. When Baby Mario saw a loaf of tubby toast.
  • Baby Mario: Look! It's a loaf of tubby toast! Can I have it, Baby Luigi? Since I ate a lot of baby mushrooms.
  • Baby Luigi: No, Baby Mario! And this loaf is some meanie!
  • Baby Mario: But...but.. (yells) WHAT!!!
  • Baby Luigi: YOU MUST DIE!
  • Narrator: The next day, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi went to a toy store. When Baby Mario saw a Tinky-Winky doll.
  • Baby Mario: Can I have the Tinky-Winky doll?! Because I really want that loaf of tubby toast.
  • Baby Luigi: No, big brother! And we don't have $15!
  • Baby Luigi: SHUT UP!

more coming soon


Baby Luigi has Ganon's voice.

Air Date

August 28, 2010

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