Baby Robbie's Death Roller Coaster

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  • Baby Robbie: [Chris kills by the pipe by half] Waaaaaah!
  • Singer: Dead meat! Dead meat! Dead!
  • Baby Robbie: No! And-unh-- [Nitro bomb explodes his wheel gets out] Aah! [make the dragon-coaster will fall off] Waaaaaaaah?! Yaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaa-all-aaaaaah! Waaaaaaah?!
  • Chris: We're settle just real man, tails. What are you doing?
  • Baby Robbie: Not getting on the ride. Nobody is getting on.
  • Chris: We're gonna miss.
  • Baby Robbie: No, I saw it! OK? It's gonna crash!
  • Mike: Robbie, Robbie. You're freakin' everybody out.
  • Baby Robbie: No, we getting off NOW!!
  • Chris: Take it easy.
  • Baby Robbie: No, fuck off, OK?! It's gonna crash, will be a rapidly. The tracks'll collapse, everyone the train is gonna die! Get on! Get out!
  • Narrator: Featuring, Thomas/Final Destination 3 -- Baby Robbie (Wendy), Chris (Kevin)


  • Kevin - Chris (The Brave Little Toaster)
  • Wendy - Baby Robbie (The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars)
  • Carrie - Mike (Monsters Inc.)

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