Baby Timika is episode 16 of The Original Story: The Series.


Timika goes back to her back to her baby form.


Patty is trying to relax but is interrupted by John and Max. she convinces them to act their age. Patty then slips on a train making her land right to a box wich she hits her head on. She finds an air pump and John puts it in her head. It sweals up and it cause's her turn tall herself. John and Max take her to the hospital. The doctor says she has bad head project. John and Max look after her. They take Patty to a resturant. Max carries Patty over an ice stand. Ice falls on Timika and  she transforms to her normal self.  Alicia comes in and tries using the pumper but reversing the whole project wich the doctor mentioned turns to a baby and she chase's  Tracy, Leslie and Amy out of the resturant. 

By: Roc.

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