• Baby Bear Changing a Diaper
  • The word LOVE is formed on paper. [1]
  • Baby Bear says Letter of the Day
  • A strange poem with C words. [2]
  • C for Cat [3]
  • Papa Bear says Almost for Number of the Day
  • Baby Balloon [4]
  • Lillian, the big sister [5]
  • Baby Bear says Number of the Day
  • Number creatures 17 [6]
  • Baby Bear says Almost time for Elmo's World
  • All the instruments in Sousaville love Mr. Tuba's music, but when he plays with them, he doesn't play the same music they're playing. [7]
  • Baby and Mama and Papa yelling Elmo's World
  • Elmo's World : Food [8]
  • Baby Bear says Sponsors and Papa Bear says See you Soon. Good Bye.

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