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  • DTU - The PCP should be easier and quicker to get to
  • DTU - The PCP needs to add an extra field for the 3rd score in the new SAT
  • HJL - The tagline "Because your future is too important" is too cheezy even for me!
  • YLK - On the 9th-11th Grade Services page, "SAT I & II Test Preparation Planning" should be changed to "SAT Reasoning and Subject Test Preparation Planning" to reflect the new terms being used for the tests.
  • YLK - On the 9th-11th Grade Services page, the 7th entry ("Determining the right level...") needs a comma after "achievement" and an "s" after "activitie"
  • YLK - On the 9th-11th Grade Services page, in the 15th entry, "Setting" should be capitalized. (This also needs to be changed in the 6th-8th Grade Services page.)
  • YLK - On the 6th-8th Grade Services page, in the 8th entry, "plans" should be capitalized.
  • YLK - On the 12th Grade Services page, under "College Application Package," the second to last entry should be changed to "Deferral / Waitlist Appeals Process."
  • YLK - On the 12th Grade Services page, under "Total Strategy Consultation," the "b" in "Well-balanced" should be capitalized.
  • YLK - Question: Under "Services"/"Application Packages," it lists services for Secondary School, Grad School, and Transfer applications. I thought we were NOT offering these officially. If so, they should be deleted from our Web site.
  • YLK - I find the entire "Services" section pretty confusing. The "How To Become A Client" is the clearest and lays everything out. I feel like this should be the main services page and that we should only have hyperlinks from this page to the other pages (Total Strategy Consultation, 6th-8th Consulting Services, etc.). Otherwise, it may seem like the TSC is one of the choices for services, when it's actually a prerequisite to our real services...not sure how others feel on this.
  • CSC - under Becoming a Client, Step 3 - need to take out Hourly Consultation as one of the options for service, since we won't be offering Hourly any more.
  • CSC - In the PCP page, take out "Graduate and Professional Studies" since we don't do much of those.
  • CSC - I just don't like the font that we use for the menu bar and the headings on each page - maybe it's because of the way it appears through my browser, but it doesn't look professional to me. Can we change it?
  • CSC - It'd be great to have more testimonials - like and We have only one, and it's from a transfer student.
  • CSC - In addition to being confusing, the "Services" section just doesn't sell itself. Need more text to sell the importance of 6th-8th Consultation and 9th-11th Consultation - this is unique, something that our competitors don't promote.
  • SNA - The Korean font doesn’t look premier.
  • SNA - ‘Our Success part isn’t that impressive. If possible, we need more specific examples.
  • SNA - We should delete Secondary School and Graduate School package from our Application Package.
  • SNA - We need to update Angela’s seminars section more regularly.
  • SNA - If it’s possible, I want to create a box so that people who need asking questions leave their names and phone numbers. Some people don’t submit their PCP because they think that’s too complicated, or sometimes they even couldn’t find where it is.
  • VOD - The toll free # should either be added to the main page or replace 617-497-7700.
  • VOD - Change the copyright from "2006-2007" to 2006. A copyright is to protect original works of authorship - you can't copyright something that hasn't been written yet.
  • VOD - Delete comma before "Inc." in company name (located at the bottom of several pages).
  • VOD - Under 12th Grade Services page, for "Well-balanced Prospective School List", include "High Reach" in order to be consistent w/the School List that we use for the Sr. Applicants.
  • VOD - Under CPC/Introduction, it's misleading to say "Led by a full-time teaching staff of over 30 Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale and other Ivy League graduates and current students..."
  • VOD - Under CPC/Sessions & CPC/Staff & Counselors, change "Angela Suh Um, founder and president" to "... founder and chief consultant"
  • VOD - Under CPC/Staff, delete "'05" & "'06" for 3 of the Staff since they've already graduated.
  • EDP - Under News & Events, delete the box to subscribe to the bimonthly newsletter since we no longer offer this.
  • EDP - In the last line of the PCP page, change "Initial Consultation" to "Total Strategy Consultation."
  • EDP - Under the TSC page, the last line "Total Strategy Consultation, to take place either over the phone or in person here in our Cambridge office" is awkward. Change to "The Total Strategy Consultation will take place..."
  • EDP - Under the Our Services/Our Success page, change "BACG" to "Boston Academic" & change "2 of 3 BACG students" to "2 out of 3..."
  • EDP - Under Executive Profile, for JBH, delete "." after Minnesota.
  • EDP - Under Angela's Seminars/Sample of Past Newspaper Articles, the links to the articles do not work.

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