Bachmann Donald and Douglas Meets Theodore Tugboat, Fifi La Fume and Babs Bunny: The Movie is a movie in the movie theater till 2014 with using Panavision Camera to use cartoon animation with all 33 parts.


Part #1

Paramount Pictures

and Nickelodeon Movies presents

A DiC Entertainment Film

Denny Doherty

Kath Soucie

Tress MacNeille

and Ringo Starr as Donald and Douglas

Bachmann Donald and Douglas Meets Theodore Tugboat, Fifi La Fume and Babs Bunny

Narrator: It was a sunny day.

{Cut to see Daniel was sleeping on Daniel's bed.}

Narrator: Daniel was sleeping.

{Daniel gets up.}

Narrator: Daniel wokes up.

Daniel: Good morning, Donald and Douglas.

{Donald and Douglas wakes up.}

Donald and Douglas: Good morning, Daniel. {yawn}

{Cut to see Daniel's Mommy was cooking breakfast and when Junior came.}

Daniel's Mommy (A.K.A. Lupe or Lupita): Good morning, Junior. - Daniel! Breakfast!

Daniel: I hear mommy.

Daniel's Mommy (A.K.A. Lupe or Lupita): Good morning, Daniel.

Daniel: Good morning? Good morning?

Daniel's Mommy (A.K.A. Lupe or Lupita): Yes! Here some breakfast.

Daniel: Thanks!

{Daniel eats breakfast.}

Daniel: I'm finished.

Daniel's Mommy (A.K.A. Lupe or Lupita): Good! What are you gonna do?

Daniel: Maybe, Donald, Douglas and i meet Theodore Tugboat, Fifi La Fume and Babs Bunny to wait.

Narrator: Later, He saw Theodore Tugboat.

Daniel: Hello, Theodore. i'm Daniel.

Theodore: Hello, Daniel.

Daniel: Here comes Fifi La Fume. - Hello.

Fifi La Fume: Hello, Daniel.

Daniel: Let's play Toy Story Activity Center.

Theodore and Fifi La Fume: Okay.

[first lines] Woody: OK everybody! The coast is clear! [Woody gets up, Etch stands up next to him and a ball with a star on it rolls onto the bottom right of the screen] Woody: [to the camera] Howdy Deputy! Welcome to Andy's room! My name's Woody.

Woody: [walks into the middle of Andy's room where the other toys have gathered for the activities] Hey everyone! Look who's here! Rex, Hamm, Slinky Dog: Hi! Woody: [to the camera] Can you feel the excitement building? [to Rex] Woody: Your Marble Art is really coming along Rex. What are you doing here? Rex: I'm exploring the Reptillian Sumconcious, as omarge to post-pollity constructionism! Woody: That's great Rex! [quietly] Woody: I think. [calls to Hamm, who sitting on the top shelf] Woody: Hey Hamm! Are you still winning? Hamm: [playing cards with Rocky] Yep. It's the mismatch of the century. Rocky: Rocky need to work on Brain muscle. Woody: [turns to Slink, who is playing Five In A Row] Slink think fast. How many do you need to win Five In A Row? Slinky Dog: Oh, er, now let me think... um, ow, ah... Woody: [turns around to face the camera] Why don't you get back to me on that Slink. [the Pizza Planet rocket in the left window rotates and a voice over says, "Pizza Planet"] Buzz Lightyear: [runs in from the right side of the screen] Sheriff! I've discovered a Spaceport, and it's outside that window! [Buzz points at the window that the Pizza Planet rocket is in] Woody: [annoyed] Buzz, that's *Pizza Planet*! It's a *resturant*! [Woody shakes his head and turns to the camera] Woody: There are two other places you can go and play. If you want to go to Pizza Planet, click on this window over here. [Woody folds his arms as Buzz eyes the ball on the bottom left of the screen. Buzz moves over to the ball, taps it, then taps the screen] Woody: [sighs] OK, Buzz. Tell them about your Space Mission. Buzz Lightyear: [to the camera] Greetings, Earth person! I am Buzz Lightyear, I come in peace, excuse me... [Buzz opens his wrist communicator] Buzz Lightyear: ... I must make my report to Star Command. [Buzz walks offscreen and a light flashes in the room of the neighbouring house outside another window and evil laughter is heard] Woody: [reacts] That's the window that takes us to... Sid's house. I guess it will be all right if we go together. Well, go ahead and click on something you wanna do. If you need more help, just click on me.

Part #2

Woody: There are three games you can play here. [points to the left] Woody: You can play marbles over there by Rex, [points up to shelf] Woody: you can play cards up there with Hamm [points to the right] Woody: and you can play five in a row here with Slinky. [points to window with the Pizza Planet logo outside] Woody: If you want to go to Pizza Planet, click over here. [nervously pointing to window with Sid's house outside] Woody: If you want to go to... Sid's house, click over there. And if you want to leave, just click the star on the ball.

Hamm: So, you want a game of cards do you? The woodman here will tell you how we play "Sums Up"! Woody: [voice only] If Hamm goes over 39, you win. If you go over 39, Hamm wins. Click the deck to start the game. When you play this card... [a black card with a star and the number 39 on it appears] Woody: ...the sum goes to 39. This makes it hard for Hamm to win. If you want to hear these instructions again, click on Hamm. If you need more help, click the question mark on the ball.

Woody: That little ball in the corner can be a big help. To learn more about it, just click the question mark twice. Hamm: Glad you're staying! There's lots more to do!

Slinky Dog: [ready] Let's go: Five In A Row!

Buzz Lightyear: [looks at the Slime Machine whilst looking around Pizza Planet] Now, those aliens have challenged us to a contest. [Buzz turns to massive pillar on which are monitors showing launch countdowns and space pictures] Buzz Lightyear: This Portal appears to be a Martian Theatre of some sort... [Buzz then turns to the rocket, which makes whoosing sounds] Buzz Lightyear: And this Space Vessel, with a few repairs, should work just fine.

[Woody and Buzz stand before the four Slime Aliens] Buzz Lightyear: [proudly] I am Buzz Lightyear! I come in peace! [the Red and Green Slime Aliens spray slime over Woody and Buzz. Crazed, Woody charges away and takes cover in a large cup. Buzz brushes the slime off and stands up to the Slime Aliens, who all laugh] Red Slime Alien: These ain't the brightest stars in the universe! Purple Slime Alien: [in agreement] No, they ain't. Buzz Lightyear: Excuse me. [all the Slime Aliens look down at Buzz, interested] Buzz Lightyear: Space Rangers are very intelligent. Red Slime Alien: [challenging] Prove it, Spaceman! Purple Slime Alien: Repeat after us. Blue Slime Alien: Yeah. Repeat after us. Buzz Lightyear: [proudly] I accept your challenge! [all eight Slime Aliens' eyes look towards the camera] Woody: [annoyed, looks towards the camera then back to the aliens] *You* can help Buzz out! *I've* had enough. Green Slime Alien: [to Buzz] Try and keep up. Buzz Lightyear: [to the camera] I could use a hand here my friend. [to the Slime Aliens] Buzz Lightyear: I'll move to the perimeter so you can maneuver. [after the player wins the Slime Aliens' challenge] Woody: Well congratulations your official partner in slime! Click on the printer if you want to print it. [repeated line] Buzz Lightyear: [inside a spaceship] I *thought* this ship would take off! Let's try again.

Woody: [after narrowly escaping from Scud into Sid's bedroom and climbing onto Sid's bed] Whew! That was close! Buzz Lightyear: [examining an Electronic Locking device on the other side of the room] Sheriff! Over here! Woody: Be careful Buzz! This place seems dangerous! Buzz Lightyear: You're talking to a Space Ranger, Sheriff. Danger is our business! [Various toys appear and scare Woody before disappearing again] Woody: [to the camera] Go ahead and pick something to explore.

[Buzz gets locked in an Electronic Locking device in Sid's bedroom] Woody: [annoyed] Oh well done, Buzz! Buzz Lightyear: [calmly] I'm sure it's nothing to worry about sheriff. Woody: [to the player] We *have* to get Buzz out! And we'll need your help!

Woody: [voice only] Well hello Babyface! Can you help us out here? [Babyface Spider knocks on the Boombox and Sid's recorded voice starts playing] Sid's Recorded Voice: The top window has all its sounds on. When you pick the sound, click anyway in the big window to play it. To make *your* soundtrack, click on a sound and drag it to any of these twelve little windows. These are the Master Control buttons: Play, Repeat, Undo and Erase. These control your soundtrack. These sliders down here change the sounds. Each slider does something cool! Woody: [voice only] If you want to hear these instructions again, click on Babyface. If you need more help, click on the ball.

Part #3

Daniel: Wow! Toy Story Activity Center looks great!

{Daniel hears knocking the front door.}

Daniel: Who could that be?

{Daniel opens the front door and there was Babs Bunny includes yellow blouse, purple skirt and bows ribbons.}

Daniel: Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons.

Babs Bunny: Hey, Daniel. Nice to see you.

Daniel: Hello, Babs.

Babs Bunny: Hello, Daniel.

Daniel: Let's go, Babs.

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