This is the first episode of Pony Lucha! In the first, Rikochet Dash has trouble on her first day of school, and in the second, in order to fight Gilda Potata Jr. and La Applejack Grande, Rikochet Dash has to join their weight class, but it goes to far....


  • Rikochet Dash
  • Buena Sparkle
  • FlutterFlea
  • Scootaloo Rey
  • Grandmami Smith
  • Headmistress Luna
  • Gilda Potata Jr.
  • La Applejack Grande


Back To School

  • Grandmami Smith: Remember the code, mijo!

Rikochet Dash: Honor, family, tradition!

Grandmami Smith: And donuts!!

  • FlutterFlea: Que pasa, Rikochet Dash? Long time, no see!

Rikochet Dash: FlutterFlea, how many times do I have to tell you to stop going through my trash?

  • Headmistress Luna: This is MY school! And it's not just any school....IT'S THE FOREMOST EQUESTRIA-RENOWNED INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF FRIENDSHIP AND LUCHA!!!!
  • Rikochet Dash: Hey! That's my lunch!

Gilda Potata Jr.: Yeah? Well it's in MY MOUTH!!

  • Headmistress Luna: Masked wrestling is not a sport, it is not just mere entertainment! It is a way of life! It stands for honor, family, tradition!!

Rikochet Dash: And Donuts?

Headmistress Luna: Do not interupt.

  • Rikochet Dash: Um, excuse me, Gilda Potata Jr., but your left flank cheek is in my seat.

Gilda Potata Jr.: I know. It's comfy.

Rikochet Dash: But it's MY seat!

Gilda Potata Jr.: Well it's got MY rear end in it!!

  • FlutterFlea: Hey Rikochet Dash! Have a donut!

Rikochet Dash: Thanks FlutterFlea! (eats donut) Say FlutterFlea, where did you get these donuts?

FlutterFlea: FlutterFlea borrowed them off of a desk in the room two doors down...

Headmistress Luna: WHERE....ARE MY DONUTS?

Rikochet Dash: (Spit take)

Weight Gaining

  • FlutterFlea: FlutterFlea cannot feel her hind legs! Oh, here they are, right next to FlutterFlea.
  • FlutterFlea: FlutterFlea cannot feel her front legs! Oh, here they are, right next to FlutterFlea.

Buena Sparkle: FlutterFlea, those are MY front legs!

  • Rikochet Dash: Well, it looks like I better return to my normal weight class...Woah! Woah!! (falls on Buena Sparkle, FlutterFlea, and Headmistress Luna)

FlutterFlea: FlutterFlea cannot feel her brain!! Oh, here it is, right next to FlutterFlea.

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