Back in Time is the first episode from Season 1 of  T-o-s (Season 1). This was released on January 18th, 2014.


It is night time and Max is going to sleep, Mr. Handerson sprays his back with. off spray. He is then touched by a frog which is bringed to Mr. Handerson's attention, Max is alright, the next morning Max's lips grow long and he then grows 17 feet tall and roars as soon as he becomes evil when he falls returns to being 7 feet. On January 18th, 2014 he meets John and his friends, they go back in time to send Max to school and for John to visit his father.

By: Roc.


Barry as Benny: a scientest who creates a potion so he could turn people evil. 

Kermit the Blue Frog as Mr. Handerson

Undertaker as Max/Wild Max. 

By: Roc.

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