Oisin671's movie-spoof and this is a parody of Backdraft.


  • Dennis McCaffery - Doug Funnie (Doug)
  • Brian McCaffery - Chuckie Finster (All Grown Up)
  • Axe Adcox - Skeeter Valentine (Doug)
  • Jennifer Vaitkus - Judy Funnie (Doug)
  • Helen McCaffery - Patti Mayonnaise (Doug)
  • Ronald Bartel - Randy Marsh (South Park)
  • Shadow Rimgale - Big Bob Pataki (Hey Arnold!)
  • Tim Krizminski - Roger Klotz (Doug)
  • Martin Swayzak - Phil Funnie (Doug)
  • Chief Fitzgerald - Chief Wiggum (The Simpsons)
  • Grindle - Tommy Pickles (All Grown Up)
  • Ray Santos - Phil Deville (All Grown Up)
  • Nightingale - Chalky Studebaker (Doug)
  • Schmidt - Drew Pickles (All Grown Up)
  • Pengelly - Stu Pickles (All Grown Up)

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