Background of New Elfhome

They were known by many names; Elves, Sidhe, Tuatha de Danaan, to name a few. They were tall, fair and magical, they ensorcelled, ensnared and enraptured humanity since time immemmorial, they were a symbol of all that was magical and mysterious, and they vanished.

No one knows where they went. Perhaps they simply closed the gateways from the Otherworld and chose to visit us no more; perhaps they travelled even further, into the stars; perhaps they died. But there are enough stories of changlings, Elvan lovers, half-Elves and fey blood to suggest that they left a legacy behind them.

The laws of science and nature say that any fey blood should become more dilute with each generation, but science knows nothing of the ways of magic, and magic is at the core of Elvan existance.

And yet it is that, in these technological times, when science is peeling back the mystery and disproving the magic, the magical influence seems to only grow stronger, and there are those born with far more then their fair share of Elvan blood.

Often lost and unhappy in these technological times, these new Elves have sought their own little pockets of magic, but it was not until two such, with a special gift for crossing the Mists of Time, find a way to the Otherworld.

Following their discovery, the two travellers began to carefully seek out others like themselves. Others who would wish to cross to the other side, and begin life anew. These New Elves are the founders of New Elfhome.

There are many great works on the mythos surrounding the mysterious creatures who appear in the mythology of many European cultures, and can be lumped loosely together under the term 'Elves'. I won't attempt to paraphrase them, but instead suggest a little light reading. Try Googling 'Elves', 'celtic', 'sidhe' or 'tuatha de danaan' for a start. Failing that, think along the lines of Tolkein's Elves.


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