Neverland was created by the Thirteen, also known as the summon spirits or the thirteen spirits. It was composed of thirteen planes, or layers, of reality, traversable only by the summon spirits themselves. The Thirteen allowed other worlds to grow off of it, and worlds in turn off of those.

Then one of the Thirteen grew twisted of his own greed and power, he renamed himself Pandora, the cause of all Ills. His power and greed bloated his plane beyond all imagination, but while it was bloated, it was also void. He populated it with souls, who were soon driven mad by the endless void.

Pandora used all manner of ways to wrench the remaining planes from the grasp of the just Twelve, but to no avail. For this reason when humans arrived from a branching world, they thought them just another ploy of his.

But humans had created themselves, and the Twelve were hesitant to smite them. Pandora only saw them as a vessel for his wrath toward the Twelve, and he soon corrupted them. The previously unified humans split into many warring factions. As well as fighting amongst each other, they also wreaked havoc on the Twelve-created wildlife.

After several thousand years, they had destroyed one another until only two factions remained: the Shadowclad Empire and the Kingdom. These factions warred and warred, and at last the latter conquered the former, though the Shadowclad lived on as a secret society (like the Freemasons.)

The twelve, in their wisdom, still did not choose to destroy them. Instead, they created avatars called dragonforms to observe them unseen, and caused a savior to be born into thier midst: a boy named Angelus Aionus.

Angelus was born in the middle of the desert to two travelers. Due to their lack of water, they left him for dead. The dragonforms, however, carried him away and left him on the doorstep of an old man named Jacob Silver. The kind old man took him in and raised him like a son.

When he came of age, the dragonforms appeared to him in a dream, telling him of his destiny to save the world and cage pandora. When he awoke he found gifts from all of the Twelve, as well as a magic book called the Necrowombicon in which to capture Pandora.

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