• Pablo the Penguin as Hogarrth from iron giant and Indiana Jones
  • Tyrone the Moose as Short Round
  • Grandpa Phil (from Hey Arnold) as Chattar Lal
  • "Big" Bob Pataki (from Hey Arnold) as Mola Ram
  • Phil (from Rugrats) as Chief Guard
  • Tasha the Hippopotamus as Ellie Ram
  • Uniqua the Antenna as Willie Scott
  • Austin the Kangaroo as Captain Blumburtt

Voice Cast

  • Harrison Ford and Eli Mariental as Pablo the Penguin
  • Jonathan Ke Quan as Tyrone the Moose
  • Roshan Seth as Grandpa Phil (from Hey Arnold)
  • Amrish Puri as "Big" Bob Pataki (from Hey Arnold)
  • Pat Roach as Phil (from Rugrats)
  • Grey DaLisle as Tasha the Hippopotamus
  • Kate Capshaw as Uniqua the Antenna
  • Philip Stone as Austin the Kangaroo

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