Bad Guy

Bad Guy is a Shining Time Station song from Bully for Mr. Conductor performed by Richard Bernstein.


Who is that guy
Who spoils the cowboy's fun?
The one who always hides
Behind a mustache and a gun?
The one who comes around
And makes the gentle people run?
He's the bad guy
The bad guy

Who is that guy
Who's always in your way?
The one who wants to beat you up
When you just want to play
The one who like a thunderstorm
Can ruin a summer's day?
He's the bad guy
The bad guy

Sometimes it seems
He's all over the place
Chubber down from bushes
Throwing dirt in your face
It seems your life is cursed
And you don't know what to do
Well my friend, I've gotta help
A piece of news for you

That bully's a guy
Who likes to think he's tough
But underneath his gutter
Is his mama's powder puff
And if you finally stand him round
And shout "I've had enough!"
That bully will get going
When he sees the going trough
And you're a good guy
Who's now a glad guy
And the bad guy
Is now a sad guy
'Cause you got mad guy
And that bad guy's
Gone for good
For good

When the good guy's do
What they should
The bad guys get going
For good
For good

Cartoons in the song

  • The Mild West
  • Humpty Dumpty Jr.
  • Balloon Land
  • Felix the Cat Cartoon: Bold King Cole


The Bad Guy03:01

The Bad Guy

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