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Jafar is gonna show the street rat the bad guys.

Magic mirror on the wall, Who is the nastyest one of all?

The return of jafar

  • Razoul
  • Jafar
  • Abis mal
  • Abis mal's henchmen

Aladdin: The series

  • Razoul
  • Abis Mal
  • Mozenrath
  • Mirage
  • Mechanicles
  • Aziz
  • Al Muddy
  • Xerxes
  • Amin Damoola

Aladdin and the king of thieves

  • Razoul
  • Sa'Luk
  • The fourty thieves

You Poor Unfortunate Soul, Razoul has been found to need Ursula's Touch.


*Texas pete from 35 Superted episodes

*Bulk from 35 Superted episodes

*Skeleton from 35 Superted episodes

*Bulk the giant fat baby from Superted's dream

*The two ladies from Superted's dream

*The cows from Superted's dream

*The horse from Superted's dream

*The cowboy from Superted's dream

*The rattlesnake from Superted and the rattlesnake

The further adventures of superted

*Texas pete



*Dr. Frost


*Bubbles the clown

*Bubbles the clown's dog

*Polka face

*Prince pyjamarama


*All the other villains

Disney villains



*Prince john

*The sheriff of nottingham

*Amos slade

*The bear

*The horned king

*Dr. facilier


*Big Bad Wolf

*The Queen

*The Witch



*The Ringmaster

*The Pink Elephants



*Lady Tremaine

*The wicked stepsisters


*The Queen of Hearts

*Cheshire Cat

*Captain Hook

*Si and Am

*The Rat


*Cruella de Vil

*Madam Mim


*Shere Khan









I think you might battle the bad guys with the custard pies.

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