Bad Look Out is a special episode that was only released on the Mountain Engines DVD.


Culdee tells Sir Handel, Freddie, Duncan and Harmood a story sbout Godred. Godred is a mountain railway engine who is reckless and careless. Then one day Godred falls off the rails, plumming into the ground below. After he falls to the ground below, he uses spare parts instead of being mended. Duncan and Harmood are scared and remain silent. Sir Handel and Freddie weren't keep on telling them Culdee made the story up!

Featuring Characters


  • First apperence of Godred.
  • First apperence of Godred's CGI face.


  • When Godred lands on the ground below, he explodes into pieces.
  • When Thomas brings Godred back to the yard, the manager's walking sound effects are muted.

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