After boasting to Rusty about his gleaming yellow paintwork, things continuosly go wrong with Duncan. First he runs out of coal. Next, he's restoked and starts smoking. Duncan's fire is put out to keep his engine from being permanently damaged. Peter Sam pushes Duncan to the works to get fixed. As they cross the polluted river, Duncan notices a crane has fallen in. The arm is stretched incredibly high,and it's up to the top in polluted water. Somehow, Duncan rolls off the bend, down the slope, and sinks up to his funnel. Peter Sam returns with the rescue crane, which is very weak. As Duncan is coming up, the chain stops winding. A tugboat(Zak) is ordered to slip his barge under Duncan, who's in the air. Though, Zak's flare barge hasn't been emptied. A flare goes off, luckily not reaching Duncan. Mr.Percival says Duncan should be repainted green and white, which rids him of his luck. He doesn't boast then!

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