Since the growth of the badger badger badger phenonomon, many amateur and professional persons, who are fluent in using the program macromedia flash, have created their own parodies of badger badger badger, usually replacing the badgers, the mushroom and the snake with some other object(s), but keeping the basic structure the same. Some people have copied the sounds of the original badger badger badger and have rendered the mushroom, badger and snake in different versions. The growth of these parodies and therefore the diffusion of badger badger badger has come to both diversify the "badger craze" and has picked up upon other popular facets of society, like "potter potter potter". It also shows that apart from dying out, the badger badger badger phenonomon has some definite endurance. Below are links to parodies not created by the original person who invented badger badger badger.

Links to parodies, (not including the ones on the main badger badger badger article).

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