By the time of the Jedi Exile, Baenre was one of the most respected Jedi of the Order. His wisdom and accomplishments outstripped many of those whom have served the Jedi Order many times as long as he had. Unique and distinctive in many ways, with the silver hair, alabaster skin, and glowing blue eyes of a spice-dependent junky, he became and would always be a knight of the Order.

Baenre was born on Kessel with a condition unique to him. His is “Spice-born,” born to two individuals physically dependent upon glitterstim spice, at least one of whom was Force-sensitive or had the potential in the ancestry. The result was someone with an empathic sixth-sense with the power to peer into the heart and soul of another. Baenre’s hypercognitive empathy makes him seemingly precognitive, anticipating and knowing others with merely a look. It serves Baenre much as an investigator and in combat as well.

The price of Baenre’s gift, however, was complete physical dependency on pure spice. If left without the spice for more than a week, he would fall into a coma and die. A medical researcher on Kessel, Doctor Katrina Forge, remedied the problem when she devised a “colony” system of spice production. She miniaturized the two key components of spice production, the energy spider and the “bogey,” to a cellular level, and then implanted colonies of both into Baenre’s bone marrow. Thus, he is a completely self-sufficient spice producing eco-system.

Baenre lived with his mother, Fallyn D’Deridaux, on Kessel until her sentence was up. The two then moved to Adumar, Fallyn working to support Baenre’s education. Baenre took up the Adumari art of blastsword fencing, eventually rising in skill and prestige to where he began competing. He became renowned as one of the higher-ranked fencers in Adumari’s illegal dueling circuit.

Baenre’s fame was short-lived. Two years on the top, his manager and weapon master demanded more of him. When he refused, his manager took his mother hostage. Left with no choice, Fallyn arranged for Baenre to flee. His sensitivity to the Force a newfound discovery by this time, she sent him to the Jedi temple on Coruscant. That was the last he knew of his mother.

Baenre rocketed through the Jedi apprenticeship under his master, Asha Missir-Daniels. His natural empathy having given Baenre some insight before his training, he was recognized as a knight at twenty years old, merely nine months of joining the Order. In that time, he had defended Grand Master Jake Daniels in court for the Night of Dark Force, was captured by the reborn incarnation of the Legion, killed the Legion’s Dark Jedi Master during his escape, Mavado Turel, and made ideological enemies with Grand Master Daniels. Baenre was a rising star of the Jedi, and the masters knew it.

He was given the assignment of tracking down and stopping the present incarnation of the Legion. With Mavado dead, his lieutenants, the Dark Jedi Melcia Serraneth and Tora Youkai Fe had taken command. They were also the two women whom had personally tortured Baenre, and thus he had unique interest in bringing Justice to the Legion. His task was proven difficult, however, by the Legion’s seemingly complete intelligence over his movements. Wherever the Legion moved, they were ready for Baenre, or any Jedi they sent out for them. They set traps for the Jedi, pinning blame on them and avoiding almost all accusation themselves, making the Jedi—and Baenre—seem incompetent in their pursuit.

With much destruction behind them, the Legion made their greatest strike on Muunilinst, pinning the blame of eight thousand people on Baenre, with the Jedi Order as a whole accomplice to him. Made frustrated and nearly insane by the Legion’s evasive tactics, nearly killing his apprentice Ana Messinia in his depression, the Jedi Council moved to protect Baenre in the most unusual manner possible. They disavowed any contact with Baenre, declaring him exile, and sent him on his way.

Baenre took his exile proudly as if it were a vacation. The council also gave him secret missions unrelated to the Legion that he could pursue while in exile. But he was unable to make any progress with his tasks before he was hastily recalled by Master Ciara Zen Palmera to the Jedi temple. The Jedi needed Baenre, and his duty was to respond.

Baenre arrived too late, the inevitable attack on the Jedi temple already in progress. Baenre landed in an effort to help, but confronted Orbisis Ex Allan. They dueled, and Baenre lost horribly, losing his right eye to the former Dark Lord. His apprentices evacuated Baenre with the rest of the escaping Jedi.

Joining the remnants of the Order in exile, Baenre functioned independently as one of the Jedi’s most valuable knights. His unique strengths ensure his success more often than not, and his insight is valued by the Order as a whole. Baenre is the shining star of the Jedi Order, and his moral high ground is a template for the Jedi to come.

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