We recently discovered that Bag3l was the only normal one out of the group.

Obvs, this called for a sitcom based around her normalcy around all the other odd people.


Born and raised,

On the internet where I spent most of my days,

Chilling out, laughing, dramaing all cool

When a couple of gaians who were up to no good,

Started chatting me up on AIM,

I got in one little chat and Chey got all scared,

She said "I'M RIGHT"

And I was like "BITCH PLEASE"

I whistled for a chat,

And when someone made it,

The chat name said "fresh"

and there were dice in the buddy list

If anything I would think that this chat was weird,

But I thought "nah, forget it",

Yo home to New York!

I pulled up a site around seven or eight,

And I yelled to the chat "STOP BEING SO MUCH DRAMA!"

I looked at the site,

I was finally there

To sit on my e-throne as the Bag3l of New York

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