Bailey is the love interest of Dario, and a skilled dancer from Florando appearing in Flower Power. Voiced by Emily Nieblo, she has auburn hair to which she ties in a ponytail and blue eyes and wears a Poke Ball necklace to it. Her main outfit is composed of: a blue and black long sleeved shirt with a Pokeball Necklace in it, blue shorts, yellow longstockings and black shoes. At her age, she is 17 years old.


  1. Unnamed Parents
  2. Dario (Love Interest)


  1. Being skillful to Dario
  2. Sharing her longstockings with Marina
  3. Swapping for her pantyhose


  1. Being useless
  2. Getting struck
  3. Losing her Bellossom


  • She shares similarities with Amethyst Giger.

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