The balances are considered the protecters of all worlds. They can travel from their home world to others by use of portals

Kinds of Balances

Balances are split into two types light and dark. Most light balances are good and kind and most Dark are usually evil. but sometimes it can be the light balance who is evil and the dark balance good. A common evil light balance is Krad. there are many dark balance who are kind and good(Dark mousey(Megumi) and Kaito Ino).

Levels of Balances

Like digimon Balances are separted into levels Cherubs, Archs, and Sannin which they will gain through tasks and may be able to gain the infamous Pharaoh/Pharaohess.

Cherubs Balances in training they need to pass an exam to become offically balances. Normally for children under 13.

Archs Arch balances gain their armor at this stage and more defencive attacks. Most Archs are in their early teens but can be eighteen years of age.

Sannin The Sannin Balances, gain mermaid forms as well as the power to harm opponents with their voices. Most in late teens or adults Normally gain through something like the chunin exams

Pharaoh/Pharaohess Depending on the gender,Pharaoh for boys or Pharaohess for girls this level is difficult to get to, but once gained the balance is nearly unstoppable. There are only two balance who ever made this state both male Kaito Ino and Youri Megumi.

Known Balances

Hikari Ino

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