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Ballet dictionary


Arabesque- A movement in which you lift your leg to the derriere as high as you can.

Ala Seconde- A movement to the side in ballet.

Adagio- Slow movement

Assemble- A brush and a jump, landing in fifth position.

Allegro- Quick Movement

B Balance- A rocking step, often refered to as down up down in younger children's classes, is a coupe, step into releve, pointe your front foot,coupe while in releve, front foot, down into fifth position.


Coupe- a position in which the side of the foot or the heel of the foot is touching the ankle


Demi-Plie- bending the knees half way.

Devant- to the front

Developpe- An extension of the leg that works through coupe, passe, and additude.

Demi-Pointe- On half (three quarter) pointe.




Fondu- Plie with one knee


Glissade- Gliding. A spring out of fifth and a glide into fifth.

Grand Plie- Bending the the knees as far as you can, raising your heels, unless you are in second position.


I J K L M N O P Port de bras- carriage of the arms. Q R S T U V W

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