Shrek - Balto (from Balto) 

Donkey - Mushu (from Mulan)

Princess Fiona - Ariel (from The Little Mermaid)

Ogre Fiona - Jenna (from Balto)

Lord Farquaad - Governor Ratcliffe (from Pocahontas)

Dragoness - Herself

The Big Bad Wolf - Pumbaa (from The Lion King)

The Three Little Pigs - Blu, Nico and Pedro (from Rio)

The Three Blind Mice - Remy, Emile and Django (from Ratatouille)

Gingerbread "Gingy" Man - Chip (with Dale as extra) (from Chip 'N Dale Cartoons)

Pinocchio - Bambi (from Bambi)

The Magic Mirror - Genie (from Aladdin)

Puss in Boots - Simba (from The Lion King)

King Harold - King Triton (from The Little Mermaid)

Queen Lillian - Queen Athena (from The Little Mermaid)

Prince Charming - Gaston (from The Beauty and the Beast)

The Fairy Godmother - Lady Tremaire (from Cinderella)

Human Shrek - Prince Eric (from The Little Mermaid)

Horse Donkey - Pegasus (from Hercules)

The Dronkeys - Himselfs

Arthur "Artie" Pedragon - Hiccup (from H.T.Y.D)

Merlin - The Sultan (from Aladdin)

Shrek's Babies - Aleu and Kodi (from Balto) and Scamp (from Lady and the Tramp)

Snow White - Elsa (from Frozen)

Cinderella - Rapunzel (from Tangled)

The Sleeping Beauty - Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog)

Rapunzel - Anastasia Tremaire (from Cinderella)

Rumplestiltskin - Jafar (from Aladdin)

Fifi the Goose - Lucifer (from Cinderella)

Humpty Dumpty - Timon (from The Lion King)

Kitty Softpaws - Nala (from The Lion King)

Jack and Jill - Hades (from Hercules) and Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)

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