gryffonmacic's movie-spoof of "Garfield"


part 1

1. "Two Worlds"/Main Titles 
2. I Hate Mondays
3. Working the Neighborhood
4. Mouse in the House
5. Ronno

part 2

6. Going to the Vet 
7. Scamp 
8. Fancy Footwork (Part 1; Putting on the Dog)
9. Fancy Footwork (Part 2; Scamp the Hero)

part 3

10. Fancy Footwork (part 3) 
11. Left Behind
12. The Dog Show
13. A Dog With a Future
14. Kicked Out

part 4

15. "Someone's Waiting for You"
16. The Runaway 
17. Ronno's New Dog 
18. Bambi in the City
19. Fawn in the Tower

part 5

20. To the Rescue? 
21. In the Pound

part 6 + credits

22. The Great Escape 
23. Stop That Train!
24. Friends
25. Unhappy Ronno
26. Cats, Rats & Dogs
27. One Big, Happy Family
28. "Someday"/End Titles


                             Danny                          Douglas Sills
                             Sawyer                         Michelle Nicastro
                             Ronno                          Joey Camen
                             Nuka                           Jake Williamson
                             Faline                         Christy Landers
                             Scamp                          Doug Stone
                             Bambi                          Steve Vinovich 
                             Timon                          Joseph Medrano

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