Banana Motion is a comedy Japanese-American television series created by Richard Watoshi. The show centers around four troublemaking 12-year old boys who watch popular music videos together, play video-games and attend Banana Motion Elementary School. The cartoon gets picked up by Cartoon Network aired in February 26, 2012. The cartoon is based on the popular series, South Park, even having the same theme song and the opening sequence.


The show is based on South Park. The opening sequence features some rare footage of the show's original opening sequence and theme song. All of the four main characters are based on the main South Park characters. The images of the characters in their "super-deformed" forms during several sceneshots on some episodes and the opening sequences were actually the real appearances and images of the South Park characters. The show was originally suppose to air in MTV due to supporting music videos but because of being too childly friendly and is too similar to South Park, it was rejected. G4 was also requested for the show but turned it down for other shows. Cartoon Network picked it up and put it on the daily morning lineup.

The cartoon is animated with digital software that simulates popular Japanese cartoons and animation, while the super-deformed characters were animated with stop-motion animation by using cardbord cut-outs or using digital software that simulates the cutout animation.

20 episodes have been produced so far and only 22 episodes were ordered.


  • Rick: A chubby child who wears a blue lighthat and a red coat, who seems to be the leader of the gang. He is based on Eric Cartman.
  • Harvey: A laid-back kid who wears a blue hat and a brown jacket and is Rick's best friend. He is based on Stan Marsh.
  • Kent: A smart boy who wears a hat similar to El Chavo, wears an orange coat and is Jewish descent as he celebrates hanukah. He is based on Kyle Broflovski.
  • Lenny: A mute boy wearing an orange hoodie who always gets hurt. He is based on Kenny McCornmick.

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