Bananas MUST be fed. Without their daily Window, they will NOT SURVIVE. Unless you insert a cheat code. (OMG HAX) Also known as the Banernair (Bahn-ner-nair), the Banana is usually found in the Sinnoh Region. It is a normal-type pokemon and knows... wait, thats something else. Its usually found in Hyrule field. No wait, thats Zelda! Maybe Mushroom Kingdom?

Types of Banana

In todays zoos we have the PEACH BANANA! They look like peaches, they smell like peaches, but they definately are Bananas!*

  • (Might be a lie
  • (Is probably a lie
  • (Screw it its the biggest lie I have ever told
  • (...
  • (Apart from maybe that... "sexual" one I told to that old grandma...
  • (Hey is that recording?

Error... 40...7? I don't even know man.

I has (HAS?! HAS?!!?!?!) fallen over. He will now type this from the floor.

More Types of Banana

The Goth Banana is a very dangerous kind of creature with claws and a assortment of Firearms. Do not even touch it. EVER. Do you like your arms? ... Yes? Well, don't feed it then. Duh.

The Ginger-hair-winged-husky banana could get you anywhere. Feed it a whole pig and you'll get to the other side of the world. Oh, but don't feed it Potatos. They blow up. Its actully quite funny. Oh, but if you don't want a huge pack of GHWH Bananas on you, don't laugh. o.O

The most common is the PEANUT BUTTER JELLEH TIME! PEANUT BUTTER JELLEH TIME Banana. They dance. They burn your eyes. And you see them everywhere. WHY. WHY!?!?! WHRYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

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