• Storyteller: One Day, Mr. Frumble came into the toy store and saw Bananas throws a tanturm.
  • Mr. Frumble: Why are you so flabbergasted?
  • Bananas: I can't get a Bananas in Pyjamas Special Devilery VHS or a 1995 Peter Sam train!
  • Mr. Frumble: You can talk to me for a six months.
  • Bananas: NOOOOO!!!!! NOT SIX MONTHS!!!!!!!!
  • Storyteller: And so, Mr. Frumble watched that Bananas in Pyjamas Special Devilery VHS and played with that 1995 Peter Sam train.
  • Mr. Frumble: WOW! That was fun!
  • Bananas: I WANNA GO HOME!!!!!!
  • Storyteller: Poor Bananas cried and screamed for a whole life! Don't you?

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