Bandage Girl is a protagonist of Meat Boy Series, She is the First Lucky Girl.

She Became Evil Once (at the
Bandage Girl

Bandage Girl

end of the Super Meat Boy 1 Chapter 6-Boss)

Bio (Do Not Edit)

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Meat Girl
  • Faction: Good (Evil at The end of the Sixth Chapter)
  • Health: one Blow (Super Meat Boy 1), Three Blows (at The Rest of Meat Boy Series)
  • Lives: Undead (Super Meat Boy), 90 (at the Rest of the Meat Boy Series)
  • Status: Alive 
  • Friends: Meat Boy (Best Friends, Boyfriend & Older Brother), Brownie, C.H.A.D, Vomitino, Fishboy, Vainilla Girl, Mommy Bandage Girl, Magic Woman (Second Best Friend)
  • Rivals: Scorpy Twins
  • Worst Enemies: Dr. Fetus (Worst Enemy), Brownie (formerly), C.H.A.D (formerly), Oil Twins, Flex the Robot (Sometimes) 

Counterparts (Meat Boy Version)

Counterparts (The Count Alley Version)

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