Bane of Chingiz is the title given to the hero who became ruler of Kazan in 283AC succeeding Segrek. As an heir to Ushun Koja, a Select, this hero at the age of nine was exiled from Kazan to roam the lands of Khul, alone and fearful. When Segrek died this Select was in Gorak.

Chingiz, Segrek's Vizier who attempted to seize the reins of power of Kazan for himself, had tried to kill all Select before they could undertake the journey to the Throne. However, the Select were powerful and the Bane of Chingiz made it to the Throne. Bizarrely, before dealing the mortal blow to Chingiz, Meghan-na-Durr had killed her father Chingiz first. Thus truly she was Chingiz's bane, although stories attribute the name to the heir because it is always seen as the heir's actions which caused Chingiz's downfall. Meghan died trying to kill the heir within the chamber of the Throne and in so doing was turned to dust.

In Kazan, all rulers have been mighty warriors. The Bane is no more or no less respected by the Kazanids than any predecessors.

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