Baneblade Super-Heavy Tank
Models Pattern I to X
Origin Mars
Weight 326 tonnes
Hull Length 13.5m
Hull Width 8.40m
Height 6.30m
Barrel Length N/A
Ground Clearance 1.20m
Armour 180-220mm
Maximum Speed 25 kph on road, 18 kph off-road
Crew 10 - commander, driver, 3 gunners, 3 loaders, comms-operator, engineer
  • Turret-mounted Battle Cannon
  • Turret-mounted autocannon
  • 2 turret-mounted lascannons
  • Hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon
  • 2 hull-mounted heavy bolters
  • 4 sponson-mounted heavy bolters
Main Ammunition
  • 22 rounds (Battle Cannon)
  • 18 rounds (Demolisher Cannon)
Fording Depth 2.40m

The Baneblade and its variants are amongst the oldest Imperial tank designs still in use. Created using Dark Age Standard Template Construct technology, it uses many systems that are now unique to its construction. This ancient STC data is limited to only a handful of Forge Worlds, and most of the original Baneblades come from Mars itself.

It is claimed that in the past there were whole divisions of Baneblades in the Emperor's service, but today an Imperial army is fortunate to have a company of three, and more usually only a single Baneblade will be available. This is because there is immense demand for the Baneblade, both for its highly destructive abilities and survivability, and also for the morale boost seeing such a behemoth gives the troops. For these reasons, the millennia have seen a slow but sure increase in the number of 'counterfeit' Baneblades seeing service in the Imperial army.

These Baneblades, produced by Forge Worlds eager to secure large military contracts and trade concessions, do not incorporate all of the available STC data that is on those from Mars and the few other favoured Forge Worlds. While a true Baneblade uses much more powerful rocket-propelled shells in its main battle cannon, a second generation Baneblade (as the Adepts of Mars refer to these tanks) uses only standard battle cannon ammunition. Similarly, the reinforced mount of the Demolisher cannon in a true Baneblade allows it to lay down a devastating bombardment as it advances, while second-generation Baneblades normally mount a second battle cannon in the hull. These are not the only differences, for the original Baneblade design has improved internal armour bracing, greater engine performance and transmission, superior comms and tactical logic systems, and all manner of other secondary systems which are far superior to those of the second-generation war machines.

There is one sure way for a commander to know if he has a true Baneblade placed under him. Each Baneblade constructed and consecrated on those Forge Worlds that have the original STC is logged and registered with Mars, and is given its own identity number and name. Its whereabouts, the warzones it has fought in, the crew rosters and all its other history are reported regularly to the originating Forge World so that the fate of each and every Baneblade might be known - if one knows where to look...

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