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Brainstorming the first bangalore-lisp CD-ROM.

Let's get right down to business. The first item in our order of agenda is to create a bangalore-lisp CD-ROM set.

Let's brainstorm what to put on the first bangalore-lisp CD-ROM. Let's let these be the most important, essential things for doing Lisp using gratis software.

How about these things:

  1. SBCL
  2. CLISP
  3. SLIME

Then how about some Lisp software:

  1. ASDF-installable software from the canonical place (, if I recall correctly)
  2. Examples from books
The code from most books is distributed in a convenient form anyway.
  1. Handiwork of bangalore-lisp members who are brave enough to immortalize their work
  2. What else?

Tom Elam, 16 August, 2006 08:01, 16 August 2006 (UTC)

What would be a good way of distributing software, source or binary ? Binary begs the question of distro-management in the case of GNU/Linux and similar. Loki installer might be an option but I have not ever used it.

Perhaps applicable licenses can be added to each item.



  1. PCL, along with the source code
  2. SICP. I have a PDF, but we need to see if the license permits redistribution.
  3. Guy Steele's Common Lisp the Language
  4. On Lisp by Paul Graham. An advanced text and the license seems free.


  1. CMUCL
  2. SBCL
  3. CLISP


  1. CMU AI Repository (Was CMUCL). Contains code from Paul Graham's, Peter Norvig's and the Winston and Horn books.
  2. Emacs. I would advise a CVS Emacs.
  3. And SLIME, of course.


  1. SICP videos. It would be nice to have the transcoded so that ordinary DVD players can play them.
  2. Marco Baringer's Slime Video (MOV or torrent)
  3. Rainer Joswig's DSL Video (MOV)


  1. CL hyperspec
  2. Common Lisp Cookbook. There is a section "Other online sources of CL information" which has a lot of CL resources.

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