Bangy Builder Is A Parody Series Of Bob the Builder.


  • Fat Manager
  • New Car
  • Stool Pidgeon
  • Wonky's Time Of The Month
  • Pregnant
  • Wonky Is Mad At Bangy
  • Bangy Builder On A Open Success
  • Dopey Gets Rented Out Of The Popstars
  • Bangy's Holaday
  • Snow Day
  • Dopey's Lost Horn
  • Wonky Wants To Give Up Smoking
  • Pets
  • Dreams
  • Speach Pheripist
  • Bangy The Search Builder
  • Dating
  • Wonky Leaves


  • Bangy Builder! (Not Much Like It!)
  • Bangy Builder! (Just Like That!)
  • Bangy & Wonky (Fart), Dopey Too, No-One's Going To Get The Job Done Ready For You.
  • Bangy Builder! (Can We Bang It?)
  • Bangy Builder! (Yes, We Can!)

Other Shows By The Comedy Company

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