Banjo-Kazooie Action Figures Ideas is an article where fans can post their ideas for Banjo-Kazooie Action Figures that should be made by a professional toy company (Jazwares, Popco, Nenodroid, Etc.).


  • Banjo and Kazooie (Comes with Honeycomb, Jiggy, and Banjo)
  • Bottles the Mole (Comes with Molehill, Musical Note, and Red Feathers)
  • Mumbo Jumbo (Comes with Staff, Bag, and Mumbo Token)
  • Tooty the Bear (Comes with Piccolo and Musical Note)
  • Jamjars the Mole (Comes with Silo, Musical Note, and Gold Feathers)
  • Humba Wumba (Comes with Glowbo)
  • Gruntilda Winkybunion (Comes with Broomstick and Dingpot)
  • Klungo (Comes with Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Potions)
  • Conga (Comes with Chimpy and Orange)
  • Mr. Vile (Comes with Crocodile Banjo, Red Yumblie, and Yellow Grumblie)
  • Loggo (Comes with Pumpkin Banjo and Cheato Page)
  • Boggy (Comes with Sled, Fish, and Present)
  • Eyrie the Eagle (Comes with Baby Eyrie, Adult Eyrie, Egg, and Caterpillar)
  • Tiptup (Comes with Egg and Tiptup Jr.)
  • Mingy Jongo (With Removable Armor)


  • Banjo's House (Comes with Banjo, Kazooie, Tooty, and Various Furniture)
  • Bottles' House (Comes with Bottles, Mrs. Bottles, Speccy, Goggles, and Various Furniture)
  • Grunty Industries (Comes with Skeleton Grunty, Mingella, Blobbelda, Big O. Blaster, and Control Panel)
  • King Jingaling's Throne Room (Comes with King Jingaling, King Jingaling's Pet, and Throne Chair)
  • Wumba's Wigwam (Comes with Banjo, Dragon Kazooie, Humba Wumba, and Mega Glowbo)
  • Witchyworld (Comes with Big Al, Burger Stand, Salty Joe, Fry Stand, Tent, and Mr. Patch)
  • Boggy's Igloo (Comes with Boggy, Mrs. Boggy, Groggy, Soggy, Moggy, and Various Furniture)
  • HAG 1 Tank (Comes with HAG 1 Tank, Skeleton Grunty, and Gruntling)
  • Chuffy the Train (Comes with Chuffy, Chuffy's Box Car, and Old King Coal)

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