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Banked Turns are based on the Brunoli Principle. The Brunoli priniciple. often reffered to as the lift prinicple, is in essence the way in which planes fly. Knowing the basics of the Brunoli principle, that velocity and air preasure are in an inverse relationship, allows us to deduce the cocept of the banked turn. The idea of lift, is in essence what a banked turn. The only difference is, lift is only occuring on one wing, and downward lift occuring on the other. They Physics of lift works as so. the angle between the airfoil's chord line and the direction of airflow wind, effectively the direction in which the aircraft is currently moving. It can be described as the angle between where the wing is pointing and where it is going. The amount of lift generated by a wing is directly related to the angle of attack, with greater angles generating more lift (and more drag). This remains true up to the stall point, where lift starts to decrease again because of airflow separation. Planes flying at high angles of attack can suddenly enter a stall if, for example, a strong wind gust changes the direction of the relative wind. Also, to maintain a given amount of lift, the angle of attack must be increased as speed through the air decreases. This expanation works under the asuumption of the Brunolli prinicple (that as speed increases, air preassure decreases)

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