Bantu Languages Mobility Project

English Wordlists for Human Mobility

To be added soon.

English Wordlists for Language Shift

To be added soon.

Lexical Data on Human Mobility

In each section, please deposit data using the following pattern of mark-up: Type one star (*) before each language name, include Tervuren's language number system for reference (à la Nurse and Philippson) and then select it with your mouse and click on the "B" for bold (above the text box). Then, type two stars (**) before the data entry, the root and its definition and the citation for this datum. We will need to develop a system for open and closed /u/ and /i/. Perhaps we should best follow the BLR3 system with a closed /u/ rendered as /u/ and the open as /U/ and the closed /i/ rendered as /i/ with the open as /I/. For example, consider this entry:

  • Ila (M.63)
    • ku-ya "v.i.- to go. kuya impuwo (s) to be famous" (Fowler 2000:763)

When we have accumulated enough data, we can begin to arrange by reference zone (M zone, H zone) or by language alphabetically. Please don't forget to add your citation source to the bibliography section!

Lexical Data on Language Shift

Grammatical/Morphological Data on Locatives

Proposed Reconstructions

To be assessed at a later date after compiling extensive wordlists.


Fowler, Denis G. A Dictionary of Ila Usage, 1860-1960. Münster, Hamburg, and London: LIT Verlag, 2000.

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