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Since I start to plan my six mounth I decided to take the most of this oportunity. So I arrived in Perth the June 22th, did my two month of internship the I travel trough Australia to Cairns by my own for one and a half month, then I started my second internship in New-zealand, where I did a lot of hitchiking all arond the North-Island. On the way home I spent one week in Singapor, to came back in France the January 3rd.

About my trips

When you travel by your own you are much independant and free but also appreciably weaker, and sometime it's definitly not funny at all. But I did know that before a decide to do it (not as much as now of course). So the first ten days was quite depressing, then I learn to be more entrusted, to go to the strangers, to start dicussions, and very quickly be very ream.

From this point, I really start to enjoy. I still was nothing else than a another young tourist and nobody cared about me, but so every satisfactions, every meeting, every shared satisfaction became more true, it's more intense, it's make more sens.

I actually was few time alone during my trips, I was lucky to share some time with : Lui (Korea) and "Joe the globe-trotter" (Germany) in Freemantle, Brock (Canada) when we did 350km in 4 days in Kangaroo island by bicycle, Andreas (Germany) in Hobart, Florian (Germany) when we did Melbourne to Sydney in his car, Aidan (Australian met in Hobart) when he offer me to sleep in his home in Camberra, Graham (UK) and nicloas (Colombia) when we did some long hick in the Blue Mountains, Hiathes and his friend (Holland) when we share the trip between the Blue Montains (Sydney) and Brisbane in their car, the tens of people how take me when hitchick in New-zealand like Yoggi, Lucke, Peter, Lucia, ... or the 9 sporeans and Mat (Canada) when we did an unforgeatable Happy New year in Singapor ...

All of they had something in common : an open heart and mind.

About my internships

So I did two internships : 2 + 3 months.

I decide to do this report about the first one, because it was the most interesting.

It take place in a farm owned by the rich UWA (University of Western Australia)

La micro-région

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Australia is the world's smallest continent, "The Commonwealth of Australia" is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Australia,

Werstern Australia

Area: 2,645,615 km² - Density: 0,7 hab/km² carte wa

The Western Australia (WA) is the third and biggest state of the country. It's mostly a hot and dry desert.

The demographs used to says that the australians are city dwellers. In WA, it's more than that : there is 2 millions people in WA and ... 1,4 millions live in Perth (the capital) !


This city is crazy.

In 1826, the British Army had established a base at King George Sound (later Albany) on the south coast of Western Australia in 1826 in response to rumours that the area would be annexed by France ...

The first visitor of the Perth area came in July 1619 and then French, Dutch and English visitors past trouh but in of all them, none had a favourable opinion to put a settlement.

Perth born

Federal representation

- House seats 	15
- Senate seats 	12


Like New Zealand, the written history of Australia is very young but the first human habitation of Australia is estimated to have occurred between 42,000 and 48,000 years ago by the ancestor of the aboriginal.


Gross State Product : $50,355/person

The riches of the state is not the gorgeous sunny beaches but more the awkward mines of the center. They found gold in Kalgourlie-Boulder, there is also opal, iron (everywhere), but also uranuim and copper. For that this is a very lucky country, and since the 90's they says thank to the chinese economical miracle.

The average unemployment rate in WA is the lower of the contry with 3 %, in the mining industry and restauration sector, there is no unemployment at all.

L'organisme d'acceuil

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Le travail du stagiaire

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This internship was only the first part of my sejour in Australia, then, i traveled for N weeks between Perth and Cairns by my own. Afterwhile and for several reasons : it was the most interesting one. For a agronomical ingeneer, share two month of life with two renomous INRA scientists is priceless, truly a luck.

If I had wrote this report just after the intership I would say that australian people are very friendly and distressed. But then I went to New-zealand, and discover their amazing sens of hospitality. To give an example : I tried to hitchick around Perth, and it was not so good as I thouht (quite boring, like in France), in New-zealand the first time I jumped in the car of a unknow was a unasked one ! : I walked on the verge road and spontaneous they offer me the lift. Hitchick was my "public transport" in New-zealand, I did more than 2000 km in hitchick, it was some time too easy, and people invite me for tea-time, one guys feed me onetime !

So afterwhile, I dont like the australian culture very much. Firstable, I don't think that a France-grown person can live a fully pleasant life in a foreing country anyway, specialy when it's quite hard to find some vital froggies-goods like real crusty bread, or some pieces of smely cheese :)

But more seriously, my vision of the Australian is a bit similar to the Americans people : yes, they live in a big and beatiful country, they are good-workers, and patriot, cars take a serious place in there society, but in the other hand, junk-food is as common as in the us and they are truly a bit racist sometime – against the aboriginal and the asians (yes like in France too).

Like a lot of country, Australia does'nt have a peacful history, the firsts waves of immigrants was most of the time violent people, like soldier and prisonner, and like in america everything is new and still looks possible. But the old idea who “everything needed to be done” and “the nature is a obstacleMM that we have to fight” is not so far and still present in the “aussie-spirit”.

Because this country is very isolated they trully thing that they are the most devellopped country in the area and one of the most attractive country of the world. I really feel the australians as short-minded people.

I'm used to travel quite a lot since I'm very young, but always for relatively short period (one month) and most important : whith my family. So we always bring with us a kind of cultural “refuge”. And I would say that, during this six months, I moved a lot and understand who hard is it to leave for a long period his own contry. I can say now that I understand a bit why imigrant people live in community and try to recreate they past life style. My opinion for people who want to come in our country for working, or just be safe became more true, more reallistic, besause for six mounths I choose to be alone most of the time, and even if people were friendly, and I took good time, I always was just a stranger.

In some way : american

For historical reasons,

the construction of the united state and australia are, in some points, similar. In the start, both was a new land where everythings had to be done or was still possible, both colonised by europeans (mostly from uk) the spirit of adventure and domination against an inhospitable natural context moulded both. There is a lot of economical exange, and even politicaly, Australia had always follow the united state, the friendship link between the two nation is truly strong.

Australian culture is very open to the american influences. She is looking Amercica a bit like their grand sister, the prosperous, the example.


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