If you have even one spare moment please check out barcode wikia!

Like pubwan scratchpad, barcode wikia is hosted, apparently for free, By Wikia, Inc.

Also like the pubwan movement, barcode wikia seems to have adopted a mission of informationally empowering consumers, especially in the nearly universal experience of supermarket shopping, or food shopping.

barcode wikia wikiname guideline

Other than `user pages,' a wikiname in barcode wikia starts with "Barcode" and ends with the decimal(?) digit sequence of an EAN or UPC bar code.

barcode content guidelines

These are merely proposals. Consult barcode wikia's community portal for official policies.

  1. Act lawfully. Thou shalt not steal proprietary information. See fair use.
  2. Do conserve bandwidth.
  3. Do contribute data entry or markup if you have the time, talent and inclination.
  4. Be honest. Volunteer only information

that is empirically verified, consider volunteering as a disinformation hunter, and try when possible to include time (UTC, i.e. GMT) and space (GIS) coordinates of data points representing empirical retail price observations.

  1. Do not create classes of wikiname that are not of the EAN or UPC

Barcode############[#] schema unless a policy change to that effect is made at barcode wikia.

Barcode wikia, as already implemented is a significant technical step toward the implementation of pubwan, or at least of `pubwan capability.' The big open question seems to be whether the number of barcode wikia participants will reach a critical mass, at which point significant network externalities in free informational goods might become visible.

suggested improvements for barcode wikia

As an amplifier of such externalities, a `bot' (but only if allowed by both barcode and wikia) might be devised to SQLify (or at least CSVify) or otherwise encode or compress SGML-ish tags in media wikicode in barcode wikia, which presently appear in the wikia delimited by ampersand-`quoted' less-than and greater-than delimiters in the HTML generated for display.

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