Barney's Birthday is an Custom Barney and the Backyard Gang video. Released Date on July 1, 1989. Made by SuperMalechi.


In Michael and Amy's House, After singing "There Are Seven Days in a Week", the kids find out that it's Barney's birthday, and he's turning two hundred million years old, or two dinosaur years. Everyone then plans a special birthday party for Barney, with songs, games, decorations, and, of course, cake. Also, Barney wishes all of backyard gang to join him a biggest party ever!!!


  • Barney
  • Michael
  • Amy
  • Luci
  • Tina
  • Jason
  • Adam
  • Samantha
  • Oliver
  • Michael and Amy's Mom
  • Michael and Amy's Dad
  • Luci and Tina's Mom
  • Luci and Tina's Dad
  • Jason's Mom
  • Jason's Dad
  • Adam's Mom
  • Adam's Dad
  • Buster the Dog

Song List:

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. There Are Seven Days in a Week
  3. Let's Play Together
  4. I've Been Working on the Railroad
  5. Growing
  6. Nothing Beats a Pizza
  7. Frosting the Cake
  8. She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
  9. Everyone is Special
  10. Happy Birthday To You
  11. Hey, Hey, the Gang's all Here
  12. Hokey-Pokey
  13. I Love You


  • Barney has his Mid 1989-1990 voice and costume.
  • The Barney costume used in this home video was also seen in "Barney's Musical Castle Fun!".
  • The Barney voice used in this home video was also heard in "Barney Goes to School".
  • The Music Arrangement used in this home video was also heard in "Barney Goes to School"
  • The 1988-Mid 1989 Barney doll uses in this home video was also seen in "Three Wishes".

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