The Wiggles & Friends Season 9 Episode 1 The People Kind Of Storybook. (script) keesha hi evreybody i lost greg i'll go find him

Murray We Have a Storybooks.

Jeff Yeah Lots of Books

Anthony I Love to read it

Danny After the Storybook Did you Read it

Keesha There Lots of Different Books Greg

(The Greg Doll of Books comes to life)

Greg Whoa Hi There

Kids Yeah

Greg Hi There Everybody i Love Everyone Today

Keesha Yeah Lots of Books

Danny Getting Books Around us

Murray But how a different get There

Anthony Me Too

Greg Now Before the start

Danny Wow

BJ Wow

Greg Hey Sounds like BJ

Murray I Want Means

Jeff Come on let's go see

Kids Marching 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

BJ I'll Be a Storybooks

Jeff Of Hi There BJ What A Doing

Danny Jeff I Get

Keesha The People top a the World

BJ Good Idea Let's Getting a Story Get Along

Greg I'll Be Happy To BJ

Anthony Yeah That Was Fun

BJ This is Story About Special Upset

Danny What Talking About Upset

BJ Once Upon A Time They Was Upset is Keeping running over to me. Carlos & Curtis I Think I Fighting Upset That's Stephen Cars. Then i Getting Around they so Wonderful Park in the Swings to Broken Upset. Then I Thinking Around On the Ground. After Then People Is Fighting for Hurting to Sad. the Special Upset Once Again Just Imagination The End.

Kids Yay

Greg that a Story BJ

BJ Thanks i Wonder Tell You Is Fun

Danny All the Books

Keesha i Like Story

Murray Me too

Tosha Me too

Murray That Sounds that Tosha

Greg Together Skipping

Kids 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Tosha Hello

Jeff Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Greg Jeff Did a Screaming About

Jeff All About Screaming Greg

Tosha Greg Do you Something Brand A Books

BJ Yeah

Tosha This is Story About The Rainbow Slide

Keesha But How About Rainbows

Tosha Once Upon A Time They Are Some Rainbow From The Treasure Hunt. Soon The Rainbow Pears the Gold Together In it. All My Different Friends Around The Rainbow Slide. the Kids The Slide it Goes Weeeeee Here We Go. But The Rainbow Slide Are Gone. The End

Kids Yay

Jeff that was good story Tosha

Tosha Thanks Jeff

Greg Your Welcome

Baby Bop Your Welcome

Greg Sounds Like Baby Bop

Danny Let's Go

Kids Running 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Baby Bop Did a What the Books

Greg oh hi there Baby Bop

Baby Bop oh hi Greg Wow is a Book

Greg this is a Book

Anthony But we Can It

Baby Bop i'm a Story

Kids Yeah

Baby Bop This is Story About Friendship

Tosha Good Idea Baby Bop

Danny Lots of Fun

Baby Bop Once Upon A Time Talking About Friendships. Is Carlos & Curtis Lots of Friendship. Is Min & Jason Lots of Friendship. Is Tosha & Baby Bop Lots of Friendship. Is Michael & Luci Lots of Friendship. But All The Friendship. The End

Kids Yay

Greg Yeah Lots of Fun Baby Bop

Tosha So That We

Murray Could Be With

Greg Me Too

Keesha I'm Going to Library Now

Kids Me Too

Jeff I'm Going Too

Kids Yay

Min This one for Book

Anthony Oh Hi There Min

Min Oh Hi There Anthony

Keesha Wow it's a Book

Min Yeah the book from Taking Care of Bikes Helpers

Murray Yeah I About Helpers

Jeff Who

Greg It's Call Helpers

Danny the Bikes Helpers

Tosha All the Words

Min Once Upon A Time Kim & Julie loves to a Race a Bike. The Wondeful Helmet Protect Our Bikes. Julie & Kim Loves to Bikes Race Helping Out Ready Set Go. Julie & Kim Races Bike Has A Find the Bike Our Earth. Taking Care of Bike Has A Finishing Line. The End

Kids Yay

Greg That's A Good Idea with Story.

Danny Thanks Greg Now on a different something

Murray Hey Why It's Tell Visit Shawn

Danny Let's Go See

Kids Okay Let's Idea

Shawn Now It's Pick my eye

Murray Oh Hi There Shawn

Baby Bop Hi There Murray Laughing

Shawn This is Story About Picking my Eyes

Greg Lots of Picks

Danny That's a Job

Shawn Once Upon A Time She Picking the Eyes and to Hurt then. He Got A Dorothy the Dinosaur's Picking Eyes Room That A Street. Soon Danny & Dorothy I Thinking Pick My Eyes To Hurt My Burns Some Much. Danny Visit A Job The End

Kids Yay

Greg That a Story One

Shawn Thanks

Min Yeah

Tosha Me Too

Baby Bop Pick My Eye

BJ Sometimes

Keesha Good Idea

Danny A Hurt

Greg Yep Time To Making Now

Danny I Going Home a Just One Books

Greg Oh Where you Going

Danny I Think Some Shoes Shop Bye

Murray Bye Danny See A Soon Well I Think Danny Walks Some Much

Greg Yeah Murray

Keesha I Thinking It's Time To Go Home.

Kids Me Too

Greg Okay Bye Bye It's Time to go

Kids Bye Bye

Greg Song Long With us Bye Bye Great murry see you soon greg

(murry is leave the treehouse and fade to The Greg Doll sitting the Table and Books he Winks the Eye and fade to the end Credits)

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