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Barney's Cartoon Show is the fifth season episode of Barney & Friends Season 5 made by Steamie92.


Barney makes a cartoon show and talentless BJ, Baby Bop, and Robert wants to work on the cartoon with him.


  • Franklin Stories: Franklin Plays The Game and Franklin Goes To School
  • This is based on the Batman episode, The Clock King Gets Crowned.


  • (we open up to see Barney making a animated cartoon in a animation place that makes CGI animation and traditional animation. Chip & BJ arrives)
  • Baby Bop, BJ & Robert: Hi, Barney! (sees Barney working on his cartoon) Woah! Watch ya' doing?
  • Barney: I'm making a animated cartoon
  • BJ: A animated cartoon? Aw, cool!
  • Barney: Yeah, just like my hero. The god of all animation.
  • BJ:
  • Robert: How about a video to watch a story called, Franklin Plays The Game.
  • Barney: I love it!
  • BJ: Here we go!

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