Barney's Culture Party is a Barney and Friends Season 5 Home Video released on April 27, 1999.


  • This Home Video features Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Robert, Chip, Maria, Hannah, Curtis, Jeff, Stephen, Ashley, Alissa, Ash Ketchum, Mary, Nikki Yanagisawa, Amy Mizuno, Shaggy Rogers, Stanley Chan, Ren Kurenai, Maylu Sakurai, Zoey Hanson, Eddy, Ace Bunny and The Conductors (GC, AB and MB). One day, they receive an invitation from the culture party. They invite Mr. Boyd and Stella The Storyteller to the party and they celebrate lots of cultures. However, Team Rocket and The Greaser Dogs try to ruin the fun, but they are thrown out. After that, the gang are glad that's a success.


From Shining Time Station

  1. Mr. Conductor 1 (George Carlin)
  2. Mr. Conductor 2 (Alec Baldwin)
  3. Mr. Conductor 3 (Michael Brandon)

From Barney and Friends

  1. Barney (Bob West)
  2. Baby Bop (Julie Johnson)
  3. BJ (Kyle Nelson)
  4. Robert (Angel Velasco)
  5. Chip (Lucien Douglas)
  6. Maria (Jessica Hinojosa)
  7. Hannah (Marisa Kuers)
  8. Curtis (Monté Black)
  9. Jeff (Austin Ball)
  10. Stephen (Chase Gallatin)
  11. Ashley (Monet Chandler)
  12. Alissa (Maurie Chandler)
  13. Mr. Boyd (Robert Sweatmon)
  14. Stella The Storyteller (Phyllis Cicero)

From Pokemon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Mary (Kerry Williams)
  3. Jessie (Rachael Lillis)
  4. James (Eric Stuart)
  5. Meowth (Maddie Blaustein)
  6. Wobbuffet (Kayzie Rogers)

From Cardcaptors

  1. Nikki Yanagisawa (Kelly Sheridan)

From Sailor Moon

  1. Amy Mizuno (Karen Bernstein)

From What's New, Scooby-Doo?

  1. Shaggy Rogers (Matthew Lillard)

From The Amazing Chan and The Chan Clan

  1. Stanley Chan (Lennie Weinrib)

From Beyblade

  1. Ren Kurenai (Bryn McAuley)

From Megaman NT Warrior

  1. Maylu Sakurai (Brittney Wilson)

From Mew Mew Power

  1. Zoey Hanson (Amanda Brown)

From Ed, Edd N Eddy

  1. Eddy (Tony Sampson)

From Loonatics Unleashed

  1. Ace Bunny (Charlie Schlatter)

From CatDog

  1. Cliff Feltbottom (Tom Kenny)
  2. Lube Ignatius (Carlos Alazraqui)
  3. Shriek Dubois (Maria Bamford)

Thomas Stories

  1. Bye George!
  2. Baa!
  3. Put Upon Percy
  4. A Big Surprise For Percy

Jukebox Band

  1. The Fiesta Song


  • This is the first time where culture parties are held.
  • Robert and Maria wear the same outfits from Waiting For Mr. MacRooney.
  • Chip and Hannah wear the same outfits from Howdy Friends, but they don't have hats on.
  • Curtis has the same outfit he wears from Once A Pond A Time.
  • Jeff wears the same outfit from Good Clean Fun.
  • Stephen wears the same outfit from Pennies, Nickels, Dimes.
  • Ashley and Alissa wear the same outfit from Oh Brother, She's My Sister.
  • Nikki Yanagisawa shares her purple and black striped pantyhose with Mel Blake and Annie Roberts as revealed in this video.
  • Amy wears the same outfit she has in Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, but she doesn't have tan tights under her dress.
  • Ren and Maylu both wear stockings.
  • Zoey is wearing Becky's Bad Luck Day At Shining Time Station outfit.


  • (The Home Video starts with the Barney and Friends Season 4-6 theme)

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