Barney's Fan Club is a Season 5 episode.


Barney has his own fan club. And BJ thinks nobody loves him. So Barney cheers BJ up by branding him as president.


  • Thomas Stories: Saved From Scrap and A New Friend For Thomas (both told by Ringo Starr)
  • Jukebox Band Song: Fan Clubs
  • This is based on the Ren and Stimpy episode, Stimpy's Fan Club


Part 1

  • (we view BJ playing Mario Kart 64 while Baby Bop reads a magazine)
  • Stacy: Oh boy, Barney!.
  • Barney: Yes?
  • Stacy: You're going to have a fan club.
  • Barney: Yes, Stacy. Um, what are you playing BJ?
  • BJ: Mario Kart 64.
  • Barney And what track are you racing?
  • BJ: Bowser's Castle. It's the final race of the Star Cup. And i'm using Yoshi.
  • Barney: Good.
  • BJ: Cool! I like this game. (plays Yoshi's voice) Yeah! Two more laps!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Barney, i know your fan club is great.
  • Barney: Yes Mr. Conductor 1.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: I know a story of how Edward saved trevor. I'll tell you about it. (blows whistle and steam fills up room) Sir Topham Hatt works his engines hard.

Part 2

  • Mr. Conductor 1: (after A New Friend For Thomas ends) Well BJ i saw you have to be brave, eh?
  • BJ: Thanks Mr. Conductor 1. Now for my plan.
  • (suddenly BJ's brain begins to grow)
  • BJ: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! No, my brain!! (brain grows bigger and bigger) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (cut to Barney reading his fan mail. BJ walks up to him, pleased)
  • BJ: Hahahaha. Now for my plan to become the president.
  • Barney: What, BJ?
  • BJ: Um, yes i'll become president. (his eyes bug out and he screams and sees the president is nobody) Oh no! I'm so ashamed! (sobs)
  • Barney: What's wrong, BJ?
  • BJ: Nobody loves me. (sobs some more)
  • Barney: Oh, boy!
  • BJ: (sobs a lot louder)
  • Barney: There, there.
  • BJ: (stops crying) Thanks, Barney.
  • Barney: You're a president now, BJ.
  • BJ: (laughs) I'm a present! Yeah!
  • (scene ends)

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